Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup is uniquely delicious on top of ice cream , pancakes, waffles, french toast and short breads. Use it as a sweetener for coffee, tea and cereals or as a sugar substitute in baking. It makes very moist cookies and cakes! Dennis Farms Pure Maple Syrup is available in US Grade A Golden, US Grade A Amber Rich, Grade A Dark Robust (if you liked Grade B, this is for you).Maple Syrup Grades:-Grades are based on color and flavor -Grade A Golden - Also Called Fancy has a very light color and an extremely delicate flavor. The best grade to use to make maple candy and cream. Similar to the retired Grade A Light Amber-Grade A Amber Rich - Color is a couple of shades darker than fancy. Has a pleasant, clean delicate, slightly robust flavor. Preferred by most people as a table syrup. A good choice to make maple sugar. Similar to the retired Grade A Medium Amber-Grade A Dark Robust Amber - . Good for baking, coating nuts and for people who prefer a stronger maple flavor.  Very dark color, very strong maple flavor. Can have a bit of a molasses taste. Can have a bit of a black licorice flavor Preferred by some. Good for baking. Similar to the retired Grade B syrup.

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