Bald Eagle Mountain

The view from the top of  Bald Eagle Mountain while driving home from the People’s Choice

Tussey Mountain Vista

Great view—we had to drive over this mountain pulling my camper–made me appreciate truck drivers!/media/set/?set=a.154215687988124.39988.123286034414423

Greenwood Furnace History

This state park was an iron smelting community prior to 1900–here is the furnace!/media/set/?set=a.154212521321774.39987.123286034414423&type=1

The People’s Choice

Our last event, The People’s Choice, was held at the PA Military Museum in Boalsburg, PA(The town that originated Memorial Day)


Yesterday, my wife Cindy and I spent 10 hours outside in 100 degree heat starting work on the construction of  our booth for the Shaker Woods Festival.  That was intense!—-many rest breaks and gallons of water got us through it. A photo of the day’s progress is upcoming.  

2011 Festival Schedule

DENNIS FARMS SHOW/FESTIVAL SCHEDULE 2011   JULY   14-17      People’s Choice—–Boalsburg, PA 29-31      Discover Presque Isle—–Erie, PA   AUGUST   13, 14      Shaker Woods—-Columbiana, OH 20, 21      Shaker Woods—-Columbiana, OH 20, 21      Thunder Mountain—Saltsburg, PA 27, 28      Shaker Woods—-Columbiana, OH 27, 28      Great Trails—Malvern, OH   SEPTEMBER   2-5           PA Colonial Festival—-Greensburg, PA 3-5           Great …